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Shabbat Services are Fridays at 8PM and Saturday morning at 9:30AM.  Next TBS Alive, February 20 at 7:30PM

Who We Are

  • Conservative-Egalitarian-Caring

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Ira J. Rothstein - Rabbi
Ruth Katz Green - Cantor
Karen Ross - Executive Director
Nancy Shechter - Ed. Dir.

Our Philosophy

Temple Beth Shalom was founded in 1978. Since then we have grown from a handful of individuals to over 500 families. Our building was dedicated in November, 1984.

Our mission is to “Bring Good Things To Light.” We believe that God gifts to each of us a divine spark. It is that divine spark that makes each of us who we are as human beings and as Jews. Our challenge throughout our lifetime is to develop a healthy relationship with that divine spark. If we succeed then by our actions and our growth “We Bring Good Things to Light.” In other words, we each do our share to inject light into a world that is often far too dark.

Mitzvot are tools of light. The more mitzvoth we do, the more light we bring into our lives and into the lives of those around us. Being part of a “community of light” means that we share in this sacred task together. Being part of TBS gives each of us the opportunity to connect with each other, with our history and with our tradition.

Be part of the TBS experience and together we will “Bring Good Things to Light!”


What's Going On

Friday Shabbat Services: 8PM on January 23,30 and February 6,13,27.  Next TBS Alive is on February 20 at 7:30PM. Saturday Morning Shabbat Services are at 9:30AM in the Sanctuary.

Family Worship Services: We will be having Family Worship Services on January 24. February Family Worship Services will be on February 7 and 21.  February 21 Family Worship Services will be honoring our Dalet Families.  All Family Worship Services begin at 9:30AM and are held in our Activity Center. 

Food Drive Remember to bring your Kosher canned good item for our ongoing food drive.  Our food bin is located in the education wing door lobby area. The food will be transported to the Open Door Food Shelter in Freehold and the Samaritan Center in Manalapan on a regular basis. Remember it is a mitzvah to feed the hungry.  

Attention: Ladies... Sisterhood has great things planned. Watch your e-mail and this column for future events.  Annual Membership for Sisterhood for TBS Members is $18.  Life Membership for Sisterhood for TBS Members is $118.  Non-Member-Sisterhood Annual Membership is $25. Send your dues in to the Temple office with your name, address, phone and e-mail address.  For more information, call the Temple office.

Attention: Gentlemen...  Men's Club is Back...  Join in and plan future activities.  Annual Men's Club dues are $18.for Temple members and $25. For non-Temple members.  For more information, call the Temple office.

Glimmer of Light - Throughout the year on selected Friday evenings, Rabbi Rothstein will hold a short 15 minute mediation meeting in our Meditation Room.  In 15 short minutes, we will study one teaching and then meditate for a few minutes.  It's relaxing, calming and spiritual. Watch this page for the next date of our Glimmer of Light Session.

TBS Alive Shabbat Service: Friday, February 20 at 7:30PM.  This is our Shabbat Service with musical accompaniment. It is difficult to describe the service that is uplifting and spiritual. You have to experience it yourself to understand what we mean. Please be here and bring your friends.  After the service, Rabbi Rothstein will hold a discussion session on a timely topic. Please mark your calendars   

Mysticism and Meditation - A time set aside for learning meaningful and probing Jewish texts.  Time will also be set aside for meditation and inner awareness.  If you are seeking refuge from the noise of everyday life, this will be a wonderful opportunity for inner reflection, learning and spiritual growth.  Join Rabbi Rothstein on Tuesday, March 17 and April 14 from 7:30PM-8:15PM  

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER- Join us for dinner and dancing to celebrate 30 years in our building on Saturday, March 28 from 8PM to midnight.  $100. per person.  Catered by Exquisite Caterers, Full cocktail hour and full dinner.  DJ, Dancing and more.  There will be a Gift Auction that night as well.   RSVP to the Temple office at 732-446-1200.

Purim Carnival - Sunday, March 1 from 12Noon to 2:30PM.  Food, games, prizes and something for everybody.  Pre-Sale Tix- 25 cents per ticket available 2/1/2015 through 2/26/2015. Tix at door are 50 cents per ticket.  Contact the Temple office with any questions.

Purimspiel, Sing Along and Megillah Reading- Wednesday, March 4 -7PM.  Fun for all.  Children- Ages Kindergarten through 2nd grade-join in the Purim Parade

TBS Cares Day - Sunday, March 22- Join in our Social Action Day Event and help others in need in the various programs.  Watch this site for more information.  Contact the Temple office for more details.

Ken Gross TBS Blood Drive - Sunday, March 22 from 8:30AM to 12:30PM at TBS.  Contact the Temple office to set up an appointment. TBS Clothing Drive- Sunday, March 22 from 8:30AM to 12:30PM at TBS. Donate used clothing to those in need. 

Teens...Have you checked out our BBYO program??? For more information, contact Templebeth @aol.com           

Something to Think About


When I was a kid, I learned very early on that when the teacher calls your name you raise your hand and say, “Here!”            

It’s a simple word and a simple action.  Raise your hand and say, “Here!”  It means – “I am present.”  It means “I care enough to show up.”            

In the Torah, the word “Hineni” or “Here I am,” shows up more than 20 times and each time it means that a person is about to be challenged.  When that person says “Hineni” it means he is not only present, but he is present and accounted for – prepared to give his very best.  Hineni means – life will test us and when the test unfolds before us, we must be prepared.            

Gen.Ch 22 – “And God put Abraham to the test and said to him, “Abraham?” And Abraham answered, “Hineni – Here I am.”  From that moment Abraham is confronted with his greatest test – take his son and sacrifice him to God – or not.            

It’s a complex story.  But one thing is straightforward.  Abraham showed up and confronted his challenge.  When life challenges you – show up.  The world seems to have figured out this past week that Islamic Fundamentalism is testing and jeopardizing every nation on earth.            

Three million Frenchmen showed up in Paris and they said, “Hineni – Here I am and I’m not afraid.”  This week the world showed up and said – we are all journalists.  We are all Jews and we will not live in fear.            

Presidents, Chancellors and Kings all showed up and walked the streets of Paris arm in arm.  Shall I tell you the lineup?  There they were – the Prime Minister of Britain, the Mayor of Paris, the Prime Minister of Israel, the President of Mali, the President of France, the Chancellor of Germany, the President of the Palestinian Authority and the King of Jordan.            

There they were, linked arm in arm – walking the streets of Paris while being embraced by 3 million Frenchmen.            

Three million people were, in unison, saying Hineni.  Here I am.  It was as if the world had finally, finally woken up to the challenges of Islamic terror.  It was as if everyone had finally gotten it – everyone except the government of the United States.

I watched the leaders of the world and I was mortified and embarrassed that not one official of the United States was in that front line – no President, Vice President or Secretary of State.  Each of them was MIA.  Not one of them was present.            

The greatest damage the world faces is that the greatest nation on earth does not know the meaning of the word Hineni.