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Happy and Healthy New Year.  TBS ALIVE! SHABBAT SERVICES ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 AT 7:30pm

Who We Are

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Ira J. Rothstein
Jason Rosenman

Ruth Katz Green
Cantor Emerita
Karen Ross
Executive Director
Nancy Shechter
Ed. Dir.

Our Philosophy

Temple Beth Shalom was founded in 1978. Since then we have grown from a handful of individuals to over 500 families. Our building was dedicated in November, 1984.

Our mission is to “Bring Good Things To Light.” We believe that God gifts to each of us a divine spark. It is that divine spark that makes each of us who we are as human beings and as Jews. Our challenge throughout our lifetime is to develop a healthy relationship with that divine spark. If we succeed then by our actions and our growth “We Bring Good Things to Light.” In other words, we each do our share to inject light into a world that is often far too dark.

Mitzvot are tools of light. The more mitzvoth we do, the more light we bring into our lives and into the lives of those around us. Being part of a “community of light” means that we share in this sacred task together. Being part of TBS gives each of us the opportunity to connect with each other, with our history and with our tradition.

Be part of the TBS experience and together we will “Bring Good Things to Light!”


What's Going On

Friday Shabbat Services: Next TBS Alive is September 11, 2015.  All other Friday evening  Shabbat Services are at 8 PM  throughout the summer.   Saturday Morning Shabbat Services are at 9:30 AM in the Sanctuary weekly.

Food Drive: Remember to bring your Kosher canned good item for our ongoing food drive.  Our food bin is located in the education wing door lobby area. The food will be transported to the Open Door Food Shelter in Freehold and the Samaritan Center in Manalapan on a regular basis. Remember it is a mitzvah to feed the hungry.    

TBS Alive: Shabbat Service: Friday, September 11  at 7:30PM . TBS ALIVE is our Shabbat Service with musical accompaniment. It is difficult to describe the service that is uplifting and spiritual. You have to experience it yourself to understand what we mean. Please be here and bring your friends.  After the service, Rabbi Rothstein will hold a discussion session on a timely topic. Please mark your calendars.    

High Holiday Services: Remember to bring your tickets with you at all times.  

High Holiday Tickets: are not needed for Erev Rosh Hashanah Services on Sunday night, September 13 at 8PM nor are they needed for Tashlich on September 14 at 5PM.  Tickets are needed for all Morning services beginning at 9:30AM and for Family Worship Services which begin at 10AM.  Please check your tickets for your worship location.  

Tashlich: Monday, September 14 at 5PM.  It is a TBS happening!   Complete with musical instrumentation and lots of singing, Tashlich is all about tossing away your sins.   It is fun and inspiring all rolled into one.   Meet in the Temple parking lot and together we will walk   to the courtyard area for a great service with musical accompaniment and throw away our sins.  

Comedy Night at TBS: Join us October 17th is for an hilarious evening of comedy with Modi.  You will laugh from beginning to end.  Dessert Reception to follow with the delicious desserts of Signature Creations.  Advance sale tix are $18 for members and $25 for non-members.  Open to all.  Bring friends.    

Hereditary Cancer Risk in the Jewish Population: What You Need to Know: Save the date for an important educational event featuring medical experts and patient speakers from our community. This event will be sponsored by Temple Beth Shalom partnered with the Basser Center part of  the Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center for a discussion on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations.   Individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry have a 1 in 40 chance of carrying this gene mutation, and this is at least ten times greater probability than that of the general population.   Learn how understanding cancer genetics will transform the future and what you can do to assess and reduce your risk.   This event will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2015.   9:30AM Breakfast 10AM Program. It is Free and open to the community.   RSVP to 732-446-1200 or to Templebeth@aol.com so we can prepare appropriately.

 Teens: Have you checked out our BBYO program??? For more information contact   Templebeth@aol.com      

Something to Think About


Sometimes it’s really hard to let go of the things that bother us.  Letting go is one of the most difficult things we will ever do.  Ask the person who is addicted to booze or pills.  If such a person is being honest he or she will tell you that letting go of their addiction requires super human strength.  But you need not be an addict in order to struggle with letting go of something.  We all hold onto things that stifle us and sometimes even suffocate us.  I am talking about the grudges and resentments we carry inside of us.  I’m talking about the anger that constantly lives right below the surface.  I’m talking about the disappointments and the failures that haunt us.  I’m talking about the pain that pierces our souls.              

The high holidays are all about the liberating power of letting go.  Sometimes you just need to let it go.  So here is my favorite letting go story.              

In Asia there is a clever way of trapping monkeys.  You take a coconut and make a tiny hole on one end of the coconut and scoop everything out of it.  Then you fill the coconut with candy.  You then tie the coconut to a pole in the ground.  The monkey comes along and smells the candy inside the coconut and sticks his hand in the coconut to grab a fist full of candy.  The hole on the top of the coconut is just wide enough for the monkey to put through his open hand.  But as soon as the monkey grabs onto a fistful of the candy, his hand becomes too wide to extract from the coconut.  So now the monkey’s hand is stuck in the coconut because the monkey insists on holding onto the candy.  Even as the monkey panics because he hears human beings approaching, he cannot and he will not let go of the candy.  In the end his stubbornness dooms him. All the monkey had to do in order to get free was to let go of the candy.  But the monkey couldn’t let it go.              

During this high holiday season remember not to be a monkey!  When it’s time to let something go, let it go.  But the sad fact is that sometimes we grab hold onto something and make a fist and then refuse to let it go.  And so we trap ourselves.  We become addicted to our resentments and fears and anger.  So during the high holidays work on figuring out what you are holding onto and then let it go.  You will feel years younger and lighter.              

So if you are walking around with a clenched fist because you are holding onto something that is unhealthy, be ready to let it go and then just do it.  Let it go!              

Shanah Tovah! May this New Year bring you health and joy and growth.